Many businesses today are fighting back against negative marketing. With many sites allowing user generated reviews to come through, anyone can have an opinion on just about anything and their voice will be heard. Sites like Yelp.com, and others are jumping on this and they are helping ruin reputations for restaurant owners and small businesses of all different types. Some companies have found a way to fight back, and the numbers are growing. In fact, the following tactics are being used right now to elevate companies against the grain.

Reputation Management

One way to beat negative tactics is to fight back with reputation management. There are some SEO companies that work within this realm and completely change the reach and marketing push of a website. They’ll put up positive reviews, bury negative reviews, and start campaigns that will push the right pieces online. Some will go as far as contacting individuals, websites, and more in a concerted effort to improve reputation online. This can take a great deal of time, but it pays off for many companies over time.

Incentivising Negative Reviews

One way that some companies have found mainstream success is to give discounts to people for putting up negative reviews about them. This has brought together a great deal of reviews in the negative region that are petty, comedic, and have paid off dividends for businesses that were previously getting a flood of petty complaints. By ensuring that the rankings tank in a creative manner, some businesses have used the rules against user generated content driven sites. It works, as many more people know about the discount, will try the restaurant or company out, and end up with a new favorite while saving money.

Publishing Negativity Collectively

In the dark recess of the marketing world, there are also companies that are specializing in negative SEO. This is where companies purposely sabotage the rankings and listings of other sites. This may fall into an ethics debate, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of businesses from paying others to literally mire the reputation and name of others through otherwise compliant SEO tactics.

This may all seem farfetched, but when you look into the latest marketing trends, you’ll see a great deal of information pushing in this direction. Fighting back against user generated reviews, bad marketing tactics, and other issues is the only way small businesses can triumph in the internet age.

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