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Whether you have a website already or you are just about to create your first website – this is for you: SEO & Web Development is where your marketing journey starts, and never stops… Here are 6 tips to plan, build, develop and grow your website.


It all starts with your web site – it is the base of your marketing strategy– a 24/7 shopping window for your customer. A website is the place where your potential customers go to research you and buy from you.

  • Put on the glasses of your customers and ask yourself: What do they want to see in my shopping window? What makes them stop and stare?

  • Now, grab pen and paper and map out what you want to do and what you want your customers to see.


You need to build an effective, professional, impressive web site – that your customers can find. Be careful – there are too many systems out there which create too expensive and too complicated websites. The challenge for you is to keep it simple and easy to manage. Focus on the best technology which creates a simple website that your customers can find and navigate easily so that they buy your products or service.

  • Research tip: Hosting is important – your hosting must be fast, reliable, secure, include emails and an SSL certificate. (We use Siteground for most of our sites – this costs around $120 per year for everything is probably the fastest in Australia)


Your great looking, effective website is built and properly optimised for SEO so that your customers can find you easily. There are many simple DIY tricks to keep your website on top of the Google list. We all know who’s got the power in this digital world: Google.

  • Tip: Your main goal will always be: ‘I will please google!’ >>>Keep it divers and play with the Google rules. (We’ll keep you in the loop about the changes of the master…)


Now you can grow it yourself. You have built the most effective base, now you can feed your little website cookie monster with delicious TimTams & coffee. Get regular, attractive, educational and divers content on your website.

  • Ask yourself: My customers – what’s their biggest challenge? How can I make their life easier?

  • Now, grab pen and paper and start creating a customer experience on your shopping window.


Questions? Need assistance? We are happy to help: or contact us here.

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