When done effectively advertising is an essential part of your marketing mix for a number of reasons.

  1. Ripple marketing allows you to target just your ideal customers.
  2. It also creates awareness for your content.
  3. Advertising adds credibility to your business.
  4. It amplifies everything else you’re doing.

At Ripple Marketing we create well-designed and targeted marketing strategies in all aspects of Radio, TV, Press, Web, SMS plus online and emerging channels. Media Planning & Buying is a very important part of the process, once the initial strategy has been completed.

All products are different and require a different strategy and media plan and we are able to provide positive solutions to any media and marketing questions you have – as well as opening your mind to new possibilities.

Public relations is an often misunderstood subject – hence there are a lot of people charging companies a lot of money for PR without the company really understanding where their money is going, or what they are getting out of it!

PR is basically managing what is being said about you, your company or your brand – by others, and by you. Not everyone is a natural communicator, putting in place a good PR strategy is how we can help.

This can also involve feeding the press information about your company with the aim of getting the media to talk about you in the form of articles and editorials – which is always far more effective than a paid ad!

If you need help with any advertising problem or are just keen to know how it can help your business, contact us now.

Advertising is an essential part of your marketing mix.

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