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The world is moving at a very fast pace. So day by day it becomes more difficult to determine how you should spend your advertising dollars. For every company or business, there is a time when they are throwing dollars to grow their company but nothing seems to be working.

In current times, online and digital advertising is at its peak, and among all the advertising mediums, it seems to be delivering the best ROI (Return on investment). It is expected that the global ad spending market will reach up to 605 billion this year. It is almost 4.3% greater as compared to the results of the last year. Every day, the competition in the market is increasing, and companies are now heavily dependent upon their marketing department if they want to survive.

Advertising Tips for 2020

With the change in advertising trends, companies and businesses need to keep themselves updated if they want to compete with others. So today, we are going to discuss some of the best and latest advertising tips that every marketer should follow in 2020.

1. Embrace Social Media

Social media is considered as the most powerful medium when it comes to digital marketing. The number of social media users is growing day by day. So if you want to keep yourself in the game you have to take as much benefit as you can from social media marketing. But, it is easier said than done. There are plenty of social media platforms available in the market right now and, each of them has a different kind of audience. So, if you want to get the best ROI, you must know your audience and what platform suits them well. For example, if you own a female clothing store then Pinterest is the right platform for you to market your brand because, according to the stats, 60-70 % of the Pinterest users are females. Similarly, if you have something for executives and CEO’s, then LinkedIn is the right platform for advertising.

2. Build Your Brand

Each campaign that you run for your company or business will have an effect on your quarterly sales. So, it is very important that your overall branding should be excellent. Stats show that big companies like APPLE and SAMSUNG spend a tremendous amount of money on their branding as compared to their products. It means that branding is something that actually matters. Try to convert your business into a brand so that people talk about it and discuss your brand. You don’t have to have the budget of APPLE, just a branding plan to stick to.

3. Pay Attention To Your Advertising Content

You must have heard somewhere that “Content is King”. The same goes for when you are trying to advertise your company, business, or products. It is your content that makes the difference and helps you to out-perform your competitors. Your ads should be good enough to grab the attention of the viewers. Typography plays an important role here. If you are from a marketing background, you will know that typography plays a vital role in marketing something. Font size, font style, font color, font alignment, etc everything has significant impotence to make your ad copies stand out. Even if you are using media advertisements like videos, the video’s content should be appealing enough to attract customers towards your business. This is where most of the business are spending their advertising budget nowadays.

4. Print is Not Dead

Many people think that print media is dead because digital media has dominated recently. But it is nothing more than a myth. You can still reach your local audience by using newspapers, billboards—flyers, and pamphlets, etc. If you are serving the retail and service industry then you can probably benefit the most from the print advertisements. Consistency is king.  If you are advertising in a local paper, for example, one stand alone ad is not going to cut through, but the same ad repeated has a better chance.

Billboards are still considered powerful to grab the attention of the users. Make sure that when you are planning how to spend your advertising dollars, count in both digital and print.

5. Be Consistent And Realistic

When doing an advertisement, you should be consistent and realistic. Let’s suppose you stated in your advertisement that you are offering a lifetime warranty just to grab the attention of your visitors but when they get to your website you are only offering a warranty for a few years. It will have a negative impact on your customers and, you won’t achieve anything from your marketing and advertising efforts. Make sure that every advertisement clearly states your policies and meets with your policies and standards so that the customers always get the same information no matter which advertisement he uses to approach your brand.

Final Verdict

These are some of the advertising tips that you should follow in the 2020. The marketing trends are changed frequently with time, so companies and businesses need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends so they are effective when deciding where spend your advertising dollars.

What are some of the ways that you advertise?

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