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Workshop Planning

Prepare your 1 page marketing plan Let’s face it, this year hasn’t been very kind to anyone! Plans that business’s made 12 months ago were abandoned hoping to be picked up at a later date… For the last few years Ripple Marketing has hosted regular workshops and presentations on subjects driven by the guest – […]

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Website SEO – Effectiveness vs Attractiveness!

Redesigning my Ripple Marketing Website I have been a web designer and a graphic designer for a while now. Despite coming from a completely different background – chef, Disney, Cruise Ship Officer, Hotel Manager, Actor – this is what I feel comfortable doing and confident that I cam good at it. Whats more, I enjoy […]

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Work Placement and why you should seek it out.

Work Placement and why you should seek it out. First of all, why work placement? It seems you look on seek these days and no one gives you experience until you have experience. It tends to be looked at as a loophole in the hiring system, I look at it like this: to get experience, […]

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Types of Users On Different Social Media Platforms

Social Media is always changing. Every day billions of people use different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, etc. to connect with their loved ones. The numbers of social media users keep growing day by day. Every social media platform has different demographics and stats. Businesses are taking advantage of these […]

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