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How to lose a client!

I recently was asked to source some advertising space for a client.  This client has money to spend and wants a high profile, high coverage campaign.  Artwork for the outdoor advertising was done and approved quickly, video content for the social media campaign setup ready.  The only thing we were waiting on was the outdoor […]

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So what is this GDPR thing?

There has been a lot of publicity on GDPR as, while it was written two years ago, it comes into effect this month.  If you use an international host for your website or deal internationally, obviously you need to pay attention.  But for Australian businesses, its a good time to look at your security and […]

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Goal Setting, Setting Yourself Up Right

There’s no denying that setting goals in life can be extremely challenging. Not only do you need to set the right goals, but you also have to be consistent. If you don’t focus on your goals and complete them as you go, then you will end up with a lot of disappointment in the end. […]

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SEO and listing your site with Google

One of the first things we do for your when we hit publish on your new site is register it for listing on the big search engines. It forms part of our checklist for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – or getting your site found on Google). But did you know that a good site has […]

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Stay focussed in 2019 – Kick-Start 2019

Know-how to close the gaps in your business: Business Boost Workshop 2019 is about commitment and knowledge around how to close the gaps in your business. We are your outsourced Business Partner, your professional neutral eye, who is always on your side and will guide you when you need it. Commitment and worthwhile effort The […]

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Supercharge Workshops

After attending countless workshops, programs, webinars, presentations and many other types of advice sessions, and after spending years sitting down with small businesses showing them how to grow, I wanted to create a program that was easy to understand, practical and didn’t rely on spending a fortune on software and advertising. The timing was all […]

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