Your brand is your identity and reflects in everything your company does. There is more to creating a strong brand though than simply drawing a nice logo.

Ripple Marketing will get to know you and your company, work with you to explain the psychology of the colours and messages and create a branding document that keeps your logo and overall look strong and consistent.

We will then help you carry that branding into anything you use – from signage, stationary, social media banners, websites, car decals, flyers, adverts or even uniforms.

Your brand should be examined yearly to make sure it still reflects you and your vision and updated every few years. Search for any large, well known brand on Google images and you will see how business make small changes to keep their brand fresh and up to date.

Find out what your clients really think about you. A first impression is critical. Do you really know what your customers look for or see when they contact you? Ripple Marketing will research the entire customer process, including secret shopping, and give you an honest report about your image. We can then help you correct that (if needed) and make changes to give the right first and last impression.

If you need something something designed, redesigned or just adjusted – contact us now.

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