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Often businesses only focus on a fraction of what is actually possible – in terms of marketing. We see gaps within the overall business marketing strategy. 

With this in mind, we have developed a 3 hour workshop “Business Boost” where businesses will review their business plan and identify more marketing opportunities, get new tips and tricks and come away with a clear idea of future activities.

Quick tip on the side: 

Did you know, that you should review your strategy at least once a year? When was the last time you’ve reviewed it? 

Business Boost workshop
28th of February
9 am – 12 pm
Oxford Falls Peace Park
Register here.


This is what you get:

Practical tips, tricks & advice

Marketing has developed a broader definition over time. The speed of technology development gives us more and more opportunities each day. Time is rare and it is hard to stay on track of what is possible. We give you an overview of the big picture. We introduce you to the wide range of marketing opportunities, what you can do yourself in the first place and which basics you need to be aware of. You get practical tips, tricks and advice you can implement yourself. 

Worksheets, templates & checklists

To make sure you are guided through the whole process in a structured way, you will get checklists, templates and worksheets. This will help you to keep track of where you are at and where you need to go. Especially when you are alone at home working on your business, where you don’t have the chance to bounce ideas around when you feel stuck. Life of a Business Owner can be lonely. These guides will give you direction.

Automation & technology secrets

As mentioned above, technology today provides us with almost unlimited opportunities (we are not even aware of – due to lack of time for research). You’ve got a problem / something is not working / … there is technology for it. We give you an overview of a wide range of technology systems, you pick what suits your business. It will make your life easier. 

Focus session to examine your business

The world changes quickly. And therefore the opportunities. It is important to review and examine your business once a year. Within this workshop you will identify hidden gaps and explore new ideas to close these gaps. 

Exclusive 9-step-strategy program

Based on your examination of your business, you will get an introduction of the exclusive 9-step-strategy program, where you will create your new marketing strategy plan that will include more opportunities that will leverage more sales.

Fun, networking, group discussions, presos & accountability

This is an interactive workshop where we encourage everyone to create a supportive, energetic atmosphere, to overcome challenges and to keep everyone accountable.  

At this workshop you will network and discuss new solutions with like-minded people who are willing to make an impactful change. 

Register today

This Business Boost workshop gives you the opportunity to review your overall business strategy and to explore new ideas you haven’t thought about (just yet). 

Don’t just focus on one channel, understand that there are more opportunities. 

Register today

We are looking forward to getting your business flying.

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