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When you work with social media marketing, you’re going to be tempted to run through a variety of different ideas. It’s easy to get carried away with everything within the world of media on these pages. Transitioning from personal to business is the biggest obstacle that most people face when they first start cultivating a marketing plan within this medium. You’ll find that it’s absolutely tempting to work your profile the same way that you use your personal options, and that’s not a good thing. It’s there that you first need to disconnect, step back, and then monitor these mistakes so that you don’t end up losing market share.

Spamming Everyone You Can Find

When you enter the marketplace of social media as a business, you will immediately want to connect with others that are interested in your niche. You can find them through simple searches once inside the sites. When you isolate people that have similar interests, you can always befriend them, but do not spam them. Direct messages, comments that are unsolicited, and posting on their page your URL is not a good thing. This will get you disliked, and you will end up getting flagged as a spammer.

Posting Sporadically

If you’re going to enter the market of online social media, you have to post often. Not only should you be posting, but you should be looking for signals of interaction. Keep in mind when people comment, whether they comment, how far your posts reach, and what others are saying. You want to be friendly within these pages, and you want to post often. Don’t overdo it, take your time, and build your audience. If you aren’t getting traction by posting, then add a secondary measure that shares, comments, and replies to posts that others update on their pages. Do not let your profile go dormant.

Buying Fake Friends

Every social website today can be “gamed”. Don’t do it. Do not purchase friends, do not purchase influence, stay away from shortcuts, and be very careful how you present your business on the web. If you go down the path of buying bots as friends and boosting your numbers, you will not be able to recover from the detriment that will come alongside it. You want real friends, real influence, and targeted traffic, not bots.

The above critical mistakes are going to be easy to fall prey to, and millions are already falling into them. Avoid them, and naturally build your audience through slow, methodical processes.

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