Brain Light

You might have heard from Pink, Tomorrowland or Walt Disney World,…

What do they have in common? First, let’s go back in time a little bit.

Our brain decides in seconds whether we fight, flight, freeze or stay

We all are human beings and we all come from the same source. Back in the days when we were little monkeys and when language didn’t exist yet, we experienced life and communicated with each other in a different way. We simply used our senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. It helped us to understand what’s happening around us. Our senses send messages to our brain to process all the impressions. We used our intuition to decide in seconds whether we fight, flight, freeze or stay.

Each sense has a different effect on our emotions and memories

Then, at some stage, language evolved and we started to label things. We started to innovate, produce, develop, … Life became more complex. But the human body remained the same. Colours, movements, special effects, lights, melodies, sounds, noises, rhythms, smoke, steam, coffee smell, cold, warm, icy, wet, rough, smooth, … Our senses decide whether something captures our attention or not. Because each sense has a different effect on our emotions and memories.

Know the psychology behind event marketing – be master in engaging all senses

Now, going back to Pink, Tomorrowland and Walt Disney World. They all have one thing in common: They are master in engaging all senses and capturing attention!

Pink engages the audience with incredible lyrics, special stage effects, sounds and attitude.
Walt Disney (World) engages the audience with magical characters, buildings, experiences and stories.
And Tomorrowland is master in attracting people for the event… This music festival with 185.000 people is sold out in maximum half an hour. Instead of a paper ticket you find a time capsule and a magical key in your letter box. You open the capsule with the key and a magical smell touches your nose, music spoils your ears and a vintage letter attracts the attention of your eyes. Then, at the event, you find leaves of roses instead of confetti, floating stages on water and again, massive beats, sounds and smells…

It is quite simple actually. Know the psychology behind event marketing. Know how to engage senses, evoke emotions and capture attention.

Tip & Exercise for your next event

Everyone and everything starts small. We know how to start, continue and grow. We help you with this. Now, think about your event and your client. Ask yourself:

What kind of event suits my brand?
How can I engage all senses?
Which emotions do I want to evoke? And what for?

Questions? Need assistance? We are happy to help.

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