You know about the importance of knowing the psychology behind event marketing and you also know about the impact of trust created by events. Now it is time to get your head around planning your event.

Plan your event

>>>What is your goal of your next event?

Do you want …more people to get to know you and/or your brand? …to keep your existing clients updated and engaged? …to sell something? …to raise money for a higher purpose?

Be clear in what you want!

>>>What type of event do you want to plan?

Do you want to plan a networking function, a shopping centre promotion, a major consumer or industry trade show, a charity event,….?

Be creative!

>>>Who is your target audience?

Who …are the people you want to engage and entertain?  …do you want to meet and talk to? …do you want to know about you and your brand? And why is that?

The more targeted and clear you are, the better you will find them in order to fill your event.

Make your event remarkable

Imagine you are in Austria, hiking in the mountains. You love the fresh air and the silent power of the mountains. For hours you have crossed many fields with heaps of brown cows. Then, bang. Suddenly, in the middle of the field, there is a purple cow (referring to an amazing (!) book from Seth Godin)… Guess what you will talk about when you are back home, telling your friends about your vacation in Austria…

This is what you need to create: Something remarkable, that is worth talking about.

>>>Now, think about your brand / product / service and ask yourself:

How do I get people say WOOOW?
Which conversation piece can I create?
What do people find exciting, funny, beautiful, …?
And how can I link this to my brand?

Promote your remarkable event

There are many different opportunities to promote your event. Create your events on your social media platforms. Create and post regular, exciting content for it. You can create a new website, especially for your event.

>>>Again, think about your target audience and ask yourself:

Where …do they hang out? …can I find them? …would they look for my event?
What would they search for?

We guide and support you through each step, through the whole process of your event marketing.

Let’s make your clients say WOOOW!

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