I recently was asked to source some advertising space for a client.  This client has money to spend and wants a high profile, high coverage campaign.  Artwork for the outdoor advertising was done and approved quickly, video content for the social media campaign setup ready.  The only thing we were waiting on was the outdoor advertising company.

First of all, the company I was after appeared high in the Google search – go team! – and from first impressions, their website looked nice… but then the issues started.  It took 7 clicks to get to any sort of detail and another 4 to get to either pricing guide, or to be able to contact anyone.  No phone number, no email address but a scarily detailed looking web form.

It took a few minutes to complete the form – why they need my inside leg measurement for this form is beyond me and the “I’m not a robot” system took four goes! But submit the form I did.  And nothing happend.  No message, no error, just nothing.

I had obviously done something wrong.  Maybe I put the date the wrong way around?  So I did it again.  Another “identify the squares with traffic signs in them” and another submit.  NOTHING!

By this stage they had lost me.  But in the name of research I persevered.  On another page, buried somewhere was an email address.  It certainly wasn’t a generic “sales@…” address but an email is a point of contact.

I emailed and repeated the information from the doomed webform and hit send.

“A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. “

In short, the competition got the work.  Their website had a phone number and a working webform on it!


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