Join the Ripple Revolution. Franchisee’s get disillusioned with a Franchise Company because they get no real value out of the big sum of money they spend. Well, that’s not going to happen with our franchisees! Its not unusual for a Franchise Company to charge new franchisees $75,000 upfront plus another $30,000 in ongoing fees – just in the first year. And for that you get a few days’ training!

We have created the ultimate franchise offering. A low buy-in, low ongoing costs, all the support and training you need and EVERYTHING you need to start making money – including a ready-to-go three month workshop program that you could start hosting and making money from immediately.

We never meant to be disruptive or groundbreaking, just create a good business model. The groundbreaking came about simply because we stuck to our guns! Click on the video to learn more about the franchise offer and click on the diagram for a workflow illustration.


Ripple Marketing is a full-service marketing agency. We cover the whole range of marketing services from Graphic Design and Advertising to Web Design and Videography. Where we are different for the client is that we do all of this without marketing jargon, mark-ups on external services (like printing), nasty surprises or retainers.

We just have a set hourly rate for everything we do – $100 per hour – and every service is set up front based on how long it will take us to complete the job.

It is always up front, simple and transparent for our clients.

Where the franchise is exciting is that we have taken a model from the finance industry and applied it to professional services. Each of our Ripple franchisees and employees have their individual specialities. I specialise in graphic design, web design and presentation training for example. Between the offices, however, we cover everything. This allows me to advertise my franchise office as a full service agency, without having to train in every field. For example: (Click the image above for a visual guide)

  • I have a client who wants a new logo, a website, an advertising campaign and ongoing social media.
  • Based on their needs, I give the client a quote for all services.
  • I do the items that I am good at for the client.
  • I buy the services from other Ripple members for the services they are better at for a wholesale price and sell it on to the client.

It means that the client has one point of contact and I own the relationship, but I can offer all services. I don’t outsource, I in-source and can rely on the quality of the work and Tuskin Raidersmake money from all services. In turn other offices pass business my way for my specialities.

Its a model of group cooperation that has worked very successfully for our three original offices.

We have released 5 franchises in this release – so once those additional five franchises are sold, the offer is withdrawn and we will spend some time consolidating before doing another release of five.

Complete the form below to receive the offer document – there are three buy-in points. The first is for people who may already have an active network and can build their business without external help. The third is a full service offer which includes two months worth of appointment setting for you, a business coach to make sure you are doing things well and profitable and membership of local network groups (where a big portion of my business comes from). Obviously the second offer is the middle ground!

  • Low license and franchise fee.
  • Training on systems, concepts, sources and marketing.
  • Full ongoing support.
  • A fully mapped out training program for you to deliver immediately giving you three months of recurring income.
  • An appointment setting campaign for you meaning you can start making money within weeks
  • Marketing material
  • Uniforms
  • Even a business coach!


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