A lot of predictions are made about marketing, and every year someone comes up with a new list of ideas and everyone watches to see whether or not they come true. In recent years, some of the most compelling shifts have been generated by online resources that have found a way to create marketing collateral through online trends and fads that have turned into more than just passing phases. In fact, some of the ideas that pundits said would fall away, have only grown stronger in recent years. The following are just some of the marketing trends that are continually evolving, and creating a stir online.

The Boom of Content Marketing

Even though Google’s Panda and Penguin updates downplayed the role of content marketing in the form of “article” publishing, it is still huge. Blogs, articles, press releases, media coverage, social sharing websites, and many other pages rely on both new and unique items as well as publishing user generated content in the form of lists, videos, and more. The boom is not dying, but rather evolving. It’s connecting web users with information that they can use to make educated decisions on their involvement with businesses on all levels. The financial end of this is seeing businesses moving away from advertising that you’d traditionally see in print and television, and instead putting it into content publishing. This will continue as long as it works, and it seems to work every single time.

Diversity Amongst Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing and steady trends that has continued to baffle analysts. While some said that the growth was going to plateau, studies indicate that the top 5 social media platforms account for more than a billion users. For marketers, that is a lion’s share of internet users, and getting them to react to marketing becomes a matter of diversity, and a plan of action that requires more than just status updates that are self-serving. The more people say that these sites are becoming diminished in value, the more they seem to impact the general public.

The Rise of Infographics

Publishing an infographic online combines statistics, essay style writing, and truncates it into a visual display. This visual learning device is one of the most powerful tools for internet marketing available today. It is more likely to go viral, and will give the end user an incredible dose of targeted information that they can take away with them in a matter of moments, rather than trudging through a 1,000 or even 2,000 word blog post or article.

The aforementioned marketing trends are just 3 of the many things that are continually hitting the internet and require attention. For businesses, websites, and any platform that needs attention online, the above are staples of the promotional consideration one needs for success.

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