The first stage of our services, is always a simple chat. At Ripple, we take the extra time to learn about your business and the first chat is always free of charge, and free of any obligation. 

From there we will identify some short and long term goals and present it to you in a proposal that is easy to understand and has completely transparent prices listed.  You then know how long and how much your marketing is going to take. No nasty surprises.

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Advertising and Media

Ripple Marketing can guide you through the various approaches to advertising, including what to spend your money on, and what is a waste of time. Whether it be traditional print media, online pay-per-click advertising or radio and TV, we pass on our preferred rates to you and only charge you by the hour for our time.


Branding and Graphic Design

Your brand is the first thing, and the ongoing impression your clients (and potential clients) see make and impression, about you, from a strong consistent logo and ongoing brand is critical. Ripple Marketing will get to know you and your business and create, with you, a standout identity to share with the world.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a tool that should be used to get your message to as many people as possible, and driving those people onto your website or shop and getting them to buy! Its about regular, targeted messages, communicated clearly and on the right program or app. Most businesses fail with social media because they are too busy.  Let us help.


Marketing Planning

Every business must have a marketing plan. These are working documents that stay live and on hand and map out a business’ strategy. Most business owners start one, but are too close to their business to be objective and see things through the eyes of the client. A simple chat with a Ripple Marketing professional to begin with can open the opportunities up.



Whether you need a thirty second elevator pitch for your website or YouTube channel, a documentary style film showing exactly what you can do, a live event promo video or a feature film, Ripple Marketing can take care of it. Like all Ripple Marketing services, the price is simply an hourly rate committed to upfront – so you can budget and get no nasty surprises.

Web Design

Web Development

Its very easy to make a complicated website. Ripple Marketing creates websites that are about your customer, as much as about your business. It should be easy to navigate, look good and ultimately make you money. Unlike most other web developers and marketing agencies, you own the finished site and can make any changes you want.

Events Marketing

Event Planning and Management

When you commit to an event, you commit to a load of hard work, stress and expense. Let Ripple Marketing take some of that away from you, from expos and conferences, to fundraisers, network meetings or social events, we can help you plan, execute and enjoy your event – and make a great impression to your customers at the same time.

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