One of the first things we do for your when we hit publish on your new site is register it for listing on the big search engines. It forms part of our checklist for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – or getting your site found on Google). But did you know that a good site has four different versions to be listed, not just one. And four different sitemaps to submit also!

Google have said repeatedly that they are placing more and more importance (and therefore rating higher) sites that are secure.  There are a number of stages to make sure Google sees your site as safe and secure with one of them being an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer).  This means that your site is listed as (our site).

But, in the eyes of the search engines, that doesn’t mean that your new secure address has replaced your old site, but duplicated it!  So now you have two versions of the same site: and

Most hosting companies have redirects in place in case someone types in instead of (how lazy!).  Again, the search engines see this site as a new site.

So now you have four:


and they expect you to list them all and submit site maps for all four of them.

We have loads more tips and easy to follow SEO tools to share with you.  Join us at one of our upcoming events or get in touch.

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