Everyone knows that social media can reach your market, everyone knows that it doesn’t have to cost lots, everyone knows there are hundreds of different social media platforms.

So which are the ones to use? How do you use them? How regularly? What do I say?

The best platform for your business has to do with your target market and how your target market likes to communicate, read the news, be marketed to, shop, entertain themselves, etc.,. This would be the best platform to be on – for your business. However, we must not forget that not everyone uses the same platform (in Social Media) and therefore we have to be on all platforms, obviously the ones most relevant to our business are the ones where we spend more time/money on – and the rest we just have a presence now-and-then.

If we see that one of the other platforms, where we are not spending much time/money on, becomes more active with our business then we start spending more time/money on that particular platform. Whatever you may think about Social Media and/or how relevant it is (or is not), there is still a need to have a presence on SM. Just because you may believe that Social Media is irrelevant for your business, your competitors won’t – and they will be the ones promoting their wares to your clients on their chosen platform. If for no other reason then staying relevant and being seen in your clients (and primarily prospective clients) eyes, get on-board with Social Media. Don’t just post something now-and-then; work out your SM strategy and if you can’t do it yourself, hire an expert to assist you and create the strategy you want.

Ripple Marketing can guide you through the maze of social media with realistic, targeted strategies that lead your potential customers to you. Combine that with our web development capability to create targeted landing pages and you have the complete package.

Lets have a chat – contact us now or click the green button to schedule in a free call back.

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