Know-how to close the gaps in your business: Business Boost Workshop

2019 is about commitment and knowledge around how to close the gaps in your business. We are your outsourced Business Partner, your professional neutral eye, who is always on your side and will guide you when you need it.

Commitment and worthwhile effort

The Business Boost workshop is the first step towards your own commitment to your business, a promise that you give yourself to make the new year worth putting effort into. So that this time next year, January 2020 you can say: “The effort I have spent the last year was worthwhile, strategic, well-thought through and had a valuable impact on my business.”

To do this you need the right technique and you need to be accountable.

Once you got that right, match it with your power.

The 9-step marketing foundations

The Business Boost workshop will show you HOW to do that. We will define the 9-step marketing foundations for small and medium size businesses. Each step has many options to choose from – during the workshop we cover the most efficient options and after the workshop we help you choose the right fit for you.

These are the 9-steps for a crucial, efficient marketing foundation:

  • Systems
  • Brand Character
  • Customer Avatars
  • Offer (problem/solution)
  • Identity
  • Website & SEO
  • Sales Funnel
  • Business Strategy
  • Content

After the workshop, you will walk away with the latest knowledge and most efficient marketing foundations, including DIY instruction guides, check lists, tools, methods and more. All of this is for a nominal attendance booking fee of $50 pp or $75 for two people.

We can help to keep you committed and working on the RIGHT piece (instead of splitting your energy into too many different directions…)

This is for everyone, who

  • has been in business for several years, but isn’t fulfilled with the current set up
  • has got a new idea to launch or is starting a new business
  • who just started a business and now needs a hand with simple tricks

Your Host

A tech savvy (Ex-Disney) Marketer.

Jonathan Sharp, Owner of Ripple Marketing, a technology guru and knows what is out there – what is good or not. He has been working for THE marketing master of all times: Walt Disney. He knows how to work people, with the psychology behind marketing. Once he looks at your business, he can identify which pieces he needs to pull together to make your business work.

Let’s #makeripples!

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