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With the massive uptake of mobile smart phones, it is interesting to see how some sites are still stubborn about how they approach marketing online. Some are approaching it with an antiquated look at things. So much so that many haven’t done anything to increase their mobile reach. The move to mobile marketing hasn’t just started, it has been here for some time and it’s not going to go away. Sure, there are some that can get away without this, but those few minorities, are already developing something new for the mobile world. It’s with that in mind that you’ll want to look into several different elements that will get your businesses site moving forward, otherwise you will join the masses that are being ignored right now.

The Smartphone Rise

The smartphone is the go to device to surf the internet with. You may disagree with this, you may not, but the key is to look at the numbers. With millions upon millions of people using these devices to surf the internet, you will find that it is taking a huge toll on SEO as a whole. Search engine optimization may seem like something that is relegated to high speed internet access, but it’s not just that. Search engines are now looking to see the speed at which a website loads via slower connections, including 3G and 4G lines. If your page is not compliant with a snappy load time through internet enabled devices, you will get less market share in your organic search listings, and traffic overall. It’s that simple.

Tablets Keep Coming

Despite the fact that some pundits have declared the slow adoption rate of tablets, they continue to keep coming and millions are jumping on board. Not only are they being pushed out faster than ever, they are starting to get marketed as laptop killers. With optional keyboards, faster processors, and productivity suites that are tailored for production on the go, you’ll find that tablets aren’t going anywhere, and if your page isn’t optimize for that experience, it will get left behind.

Staying Current

The worst thing that you can do as a business owner is let your website fall behind in terms of digital currency. It’s when you adhere to an antiquated methodology that you will find traffic decreases, interest decreases, and at the end of the day, your brand’s market share decreases. If you want to be the last man standing on the old marketing options, you can definitely be there, but it’s a lonely place, with no traffic or conversions to speak of.

Today, you need to stay current with mobile marketing, and that includes complying with web design and application development targeted directly at smartphone, and tablet users. The numbers are growing, and have not plateaued or declined at all. Don’t be left behind.

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