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Your brand is more than just a business. Your brand is your identity and reflects in everything your company does and say. You might remember and know these moments when pressing thoughts are running around a problem and capture your attention until you finally find the solution? It’s about your journey, an emotional path, where you have pushed through barriers and climbed mountaintops. This is where clients connect with you because they relate to your journey. Therefore, start to tell your story! Here are four insights into storytelling related to a strong branding.

A story triggers the fundamental human need: Connection.

A story is all about a hero overcoming big challenges, focussing on finding solutions and channelling emotions. A story inspires an emotional reaction of people who can relate to that story. People feel related to that story because they can feel the power of the emotions. This is how a story creates connection, the fundamental human need.

What’s your story?

Now, grab pen and paper, reflect on the following and write down. Think about your journey. Where are you right now and why? How did you get here? What did you do to get here? And why did you start in the first place? What are your strong beliefs? What are your values? What are your highlights during your journey? Think about what you have experienced and discovered. Dive into the challenges and the feelings you had. Jump into the wins and the feelings you had. Who are you? What are your winning characteristics?

Share relevant value in each piece of your story

Each piece of your story should carry a relevant meaning and value for your clients because this will capture their attention. Again – it is important to know your target audience! Most importantly, you need to know their pressing thoughts and challenges. And then think about how you can link your story to your clients situation. What’s the takeaway and the result your audience receives by your story?

Invite your audience to change their behaviour

When you share a piece of your story, ask for engagement. You need to ask your audience about their opinion, thoughts and own experiences because this is how you get direct feedback AND engagement. Invite them to change their behaviour by asking questions or making them act on something. And then, again, link your story with their experiences. This is how you create a trusting and engaged community.

Know yourself and your company. The story of your journey. And create an overall strong and consistent look. 

What’s YOUR story?

Share your story with us. And let’s transform it. Into your (new) brand.

We help you with all this! Learn more about a strong branding & design here and get in touch with us today.

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