Humpty Ball

Daily routine and small issues

Sometimes we forget what really matters. In our daily routine we get caught up in small issues. Whether it is arguing with our loved ones or being angry with the bus driver who arrived too early again,… Imagine you pile up all the problems in the world in one single spot, you would want to have your own problems back again.


Reminding ourselves what really matters

We need to remind ourselves what REALLY matters. Constantly. What matters can be different from individual to individual. But what matters to us, at our core hearts at Ripple Marketing, is the ability to make a difference in families, to save lives of wonderful new born little legends.


Helping to save lives

This is part of the story of Ripple Marketing… Standing in the hospital, staring in the air with a glimpse of hope in the chest, the body is filled with fear and unclarity whether the kids will get better or not. A crucial life happening that changed the perspective on what really matters. And this is where we are today: The kids are jumping around in the office, full of joy and energy. Healthy and happy children. This is what matters to us and why we dedicate ourselves to the effort of bringing charity events into existence.


Humpty, The Life Saver in Hospitals

We are proud to support The Humpty Dumpty Foundation whenever we can.

Humpty, this little legend here,

is standing right next to sick kids in need. He is a real life saver. He provides our hospitals and health services with the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time.

For more than 28 years, the foundation has been purchasing essential and life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children in Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in hospitals across Australia.


Throwing a massive party to celebrate healthy lives

Now, this is when we get involved! WE THROW A MASSIVE PARTY TO CELEBRATE HEALTHY KIDS AND HEALTHY LIVES! Being grateful for the healthy time we are able to spend here on this earth. And that’s why we will be dancing, cheering and enjoying good food, drinks, chats and smiles.

Our aim for this event is, to make you go home with a glowing, memorable experience so that you always remember what we are here for! To celebrate our health with the loved ones around us!

Join us at ‘Secrets. An evening under the stars’, Saturday 27th of October, 5:30 – 11pm, secret location (transport is organised!), dress code: Cocktail with a splash of Outrageous. Tickets are available here. Do it for a wonderful purpose and for a memorable night with your loved one.

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