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Work Placement and why you should seek it out.

First of all, why work placement? It seems you look on seek these days and no one gives you experience until you have experience. It tends to be looked at as a loophole in the hiring system, I look at it like this: to get experience, you offer your services for free. Yep, you heard me…free! It sounds uncomfortable yet it is marketing 101 is giving something before you ask for customer loyalty and gaining experience is no different. On top of that, hands on learning is invaluable. As students know, it may be a little tight on cash especially when you’re a “full-timer”, but the study and experience are well worth the venture.

What some fail to remember is that it is not just beneficial for students and more companies should put their hand up to patriciate in work placement programs. It really is a two-way street; students offer their services for companies who can teach them the tricks of the trade.

The bonus of small business and Why I chose ripple.

How I chose my work placement? To me it was more the concept of ethical marketing, what kind of marketing professional I would like to be and for me that is not ripping off the little guy. Research pays off! As a student, aim to find out exactly what company you will be doing placement for, in the lead up to organising your placement I recommend treating it like a job interview. Research and preparation are your pals!

As soon as I read just what kind of company Ripple Marketing was, I wanted to work with them.

Why I recommend a small business opposed to a corporate scale is quite simple, you get to do a lot more of the hands-on internal strategising in a different way. During this placement I achieved a better understanding of online marketing, the design and concepts behind the end result. Aside from all else, it is refreshing to work with someone who shows interest in the other side and not talking at people and willing to overcharge anyway, but talking too people and the ability to watch and learn in a monkey see money do mentality as well as interacting in client meetings and getting to know some wonderful and unique people.

Some key points to consider. When choosing your placement look for a company that can teach you a broad range or niche tricks but make sure it is suited to what you are attempting to learn. Lay out what your expectations are clearly, this will most likely be part of your assessments but none the less it is good to have your objectives on paper.

I opted for a company that did everything in house.

• Networking is a massive factor, learning how to manage a range of clients is crucial
• Website development and the SEO back end are extremely handy to know
• The graphic requirements or content that is acceptable in a professional business.
• Learning how to target customers along with branding and design.
• Events and Marketing strategies
• Assisting with graphics/design, sourcing and concepts.

Lots on the plate! It’s a juggling act.

SO, the question is… how do you stay organised as a student in work placement on top of your study load when some days you don’t have time to post to your personal Instagram page? Organisation! It plays a massive part in keeping yourself together during the tough deadlines and work/life balance. Here are a few tips that I follow as a student but can be implemented just as well in the workplace or even your personal life!

• Your phone can be your biggest tool, it stores our entire lives
• There are multiple apps to help ease the load, even some to plan your socials
• Videos as a tool! YouTube has a broad range of organisational tips and tricks
• Always have your top “get it done” songs playlist ready to get into action
• White boards with grid lines for dates are the best thing since sliced bread.
• Use colour coding to organise your life! From events, study and work to placement
• Calendars are there for a reason, sync up to your phone to have it in your pocket

So, that all being said. Go find yourself a student or a work placement!

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