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Prepare your 1 page marketing plan

Let’s face it, this year hasn’t been very kind to anyone! Plans that business’s made 12 months ago were abandoned hoping to be picked up at a later date…

For the last few years Ripple Marketing has hosted regular workshops and presentations on subjects driven by the guest – each workshop ended by asking the participants about what subject they would like the next workshop to be about.  Coming out of 2019, our own marketing plan involved more of these workshops, but then 2020 happened!!

As restrictions, uncertainty and, well, 2020, drags on, we have increasingly been changing our 1 page marketing plan that forms the backbone of our yearly activities. The plan (in our case an A2 displayed sheet) now looks a little messy with red amendments all over it!!

Early in the year the office felt down each time we made another mark on the plan, crossed another event off or extended a date, but as the year went on, our one page marketing plan became an invaluable (if messy) tool.

We had already done the planning, the strategizing and all the preparation and all we are doing now is adapting and rescheduling.  It is much easier to move things around than reinvent or come up with things from scratch.

Even in these strange times, an easy to understand one page marketing plan on display that can be viewed and changed as needed, is a must.  Your plan is a living, changing document that should be adapted as things change – even the things that 2020 has thrown at us!

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