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A couple of weeks ago, Ripple Marketing hosted a free workshop for small businesses talking about SEO. We had a great group of people from various backgrounds including retail, event hire, self-help coaching, marketing and business networking. Some were newly launched businesses ready to touch up their website and check their understanding of SEO. Others were existing businesses looking to improve their online presence and find out what has changed and where SEO is at.

The aim of our SEO workshop is to de-complicate the area of how to make your website impressionable and valuable in the eyes of Google and other major search engines.

What we know is that times have changed and continue to do so in the area of SEO and it can seem overwhelming to understand everything that comes recommended with building or enhancing a website.

Yes, it is more than just using the right keywords and putting meta-tags into the backend. SEO involves a whole lot more and it is the entire mix that makes your site SEO-friendly. Some important areas to understand are:

User Experience

Make your site user-friendly and easy to understand. Google looks at how pages on the website are structured and how clear they are to read. Examples include: Keeping paragraphs short, using headings and subheadings, bullets points, images and a browser favicon, links to useful information, spelling and grammar, colours, keywords and is it device and mobile-friendly.


Enhancing your website with user functionality is part of a good user experience. It also creates links which adds value to your site. Examples include: Using video, contact forms and newsletter sign-ups, social media cross links and blog posting.

Registrations and Security

It’s important to register your site with the main search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing at the very least. Get yourself listed with other useful directories and associations that are relevant to your market. An SSL certificate via your website hosting company will also add credibility and show that your site is secure.

To find our more contact Ripple Marketing and look out for our next workshops here.

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