Let’s start fresh in 2019 – together! This year is all about supporting you and your business all along the way.

2019 we will be your outsourced Business Partner.

Whenever you feel stuck, need a pep talk, want to bounce off ideas or need a new way to generate leads … we’re here to help!

We’ll kick off our educational workshops on the 28th of February with the:


This 3 h workshop will identify hidden gaps of your business and give you hands-on instructions and tools to close these gaps. Only businesses with stable structures will take off successfully. A Ferrari won’t run without an engine…

Reserve a spot. 28th February 2019, 50$. Bring a friend and pay only 75$. More infos and to book your place, click here.

The devil is in the detail…

Over the past few years, our clients have showed us what they actually need. We dive into the back end of their businesses. We know what small businesses struggle with and what they need to do to be able to rise off the ground: Business Boost, our new workshop, covers it all.

The Business Boost workshop gives you the structure you need: To automate success, to save time and energy.

Continue designing the big picture rather than chasing the little issues to solve.

Let’s generate more momentum. Together.

Knowledge is security.

Educate yourself around the latest insights and trends in marketing. Upcoming workshops are:

  • Business Boost: 28 February (3h, $50)
    Identify gaps and get tools to close the gaps.
  • Sales Funnel Building: 13 March (1.5h, $20)
    Create the matching sales funnel(s) for your ideal customer.
  • Building Customer Avatars: 3 April (1.5h, $20)
    Review the profile of your ideal customer. (This should be done every year at least once!)
  • Website SEO: 1 May (1.5h, $20)
    Understand your own google rating of your business and what you need to do to be found in the internet jungle.

Let’s #makeripples together!

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